M20 Olivetti M20

Andreas Senk's M20 with APB8086 card

Andreas has sent a set of very nice pictures of one of his M20 system, equipped with an Alternate Processor Board 8086 which made the system MS-DOS compatible.

The APB8086A nice view of the APB8086 card. The Intel 8086 processor is easily recognizable, as well as the EPROMs containing the alternative firmware.

Which CPU? At startup, the M20 asks the user wheter it should be using the Z8001 CPU or the alternative Intel 8086.

A little problem with disk drives At first, a little problem with disk drives had to be fixed...

The MS-DOS prompt But at the end, Andreas could come to the classic MS-DOS prompt.

A 128KiB RAM expansion The system was equipped with a 128 KiB RAM expansion, made from an unknown supplier.

The machine came with a complete set of user manuals.

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