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M20 at work The Olivetti M20 was a personal computer dedicated to business and scientific areas. It was produced by the Italian company Olivetti between 1982 and 1985 and distributed in many countries. Among its quirks, there was the choice of the CPU, the Zilog Z8001, and the operating system, called PCOS, which was especially developed by Olivetti for this machine.

Olivetti has always been extremely attentive to the design of its products; the M20 was not an exception and it was drawn by the pen of Ettore Sottsass.

We want to preserve as much as possible the technical information and the software which was developed for this machine.

The Olivetti M20 in all its beauty This site has been created in 2005 to be meeting point for the M20 community and gather a collection of information and manuals dedicated to this computer.

If you own a M20, PLEASE CONTACT the webmaster (remove capital letters in the email address). We need to come in touch with other M20 user all around the world. We are particularly interested in photos, anecdotes, screenshots, technical information and manuals, repairing tips, easter eggs, tutorials...

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