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Front viewOlivetti M20 BC (by Davide Bucci)

MotherboardOlivetti M20 BC internals (by Davide Bucci)

Motherboard Non-Olivetti 32kB RAM Card (by Carlo Merlano)

M20ST and M20BCInternals and externals of the M20 BC and ST (by Antonio Busi)

M20HD after the restorationRestauration of an M20HD (by Antonio Busi)

Three M20Andreas' M20 DES (by Andreas Senk)

Three M20Andreas' M20 with APB 8086 (by Andreas Senk)

A nice M20 STSome nice pictures from the 1000bit site (by Tix)

Massimiliano's M20 BC and STHave a look at Massimiliano's M20s (BC and ST)

Matteo M20sPictures of Matteo's M20 DES and a 4 color system

The mainboardInternals of Matteo's Color M20

Giorgio's external HDGiorgio's M20 with a massive external hard disk

The front of the (very complete) M24 systemAndreas Pittini's M24 system with the Z8001 card

Vincenzo 'Pevalcas' Z8001 card for the M24Vincenzo "Pevalcas" Z8001 card for the M24

The Queen's Footsteps splash screenChris Carter's M20 running text adventure games

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