M20 Olivetti M20

Giorgio's external hard disk drive

Giorgio has recently found a nice M20 system with an external hard disk drive. Here are a few pictures of his system.

Giorgio's external HDFront of the disk unit. Inside there is the disk drive (a 5"1/4 full size unit) and the controller based on the WD1000.

Giorgio's external HDThe back of the massive disk drive unit. Big fan! These units were not very different from a familiar of disk drives based on the WD1000, such as those used in the Tandy TRS-80 system. Have a look here

Giorgio's external HDSide view of the disk unit.

Giorgio's external HDThe back of the M20 with the flat cable used to connect the external hard disk drive. The Olivetti interface was nothing more than an address decoder which was used to access the WD1000 controller registers.

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