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Chris Groessler's ftp archive A wide collection of software and manuals for the M20.
OlivettiThe actual Olivetti Home page
Dino Molli's TI59 and M20 manuals Scans of several Olivetti M20 manuals in Italian
1000bit page on M20 A detailed descripition of the machine. Several manuals available.
Silicium page on M20 A French description of the machine. BIOS error codes list.
The Z8000 home page A collection of resources and informations about the Z8000 processor.
Carlo M20 pages In Italian, scans and photos about the M20.
Olivetti Vintage collection Photos of computers, typewriters and other vintage products from Olivetti
L'industrial design dei computer An article in Italian about the industrial design of computers, mainly focused on IBM, Olivetti, Apple and Silicon Graphics.

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