M20 Olivetti M20

Non-Olivetti 32kB RAM card

Many thanks to Carlo Merlano and to his Home page

Motherboard The 32kB RAM card used sixteen 6116 chip, where the 128kB expansion used the 6164. The difference between the two chips consists in the capacity (of course), but also in the fact that the older 6116 required a triple power supply (-12V, +5V and +12V), whereas the 6164 requires only a single +5V. Dwight K. Elvey has modified some 32kB cards, in order to accept 6164 chip and to become a 128kB RAM card (you can find more details in Modifying RAM expansion cards by Dwight Elwey).

Motherboard The other side of Carlo's card.

M20 lineart decoration


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