M20 Olivetti M20

B/W M20 video cable pinout

by Davide Bucci

The video cable brings the power supply to the black and white monitor, as well as the video signals. In this page, we describe the pinout of the cable, hoping that it is useful if yours is damaged.

The connectors

First, let's have a look at the output of the M20. In the following picture, there is the M20 connector pinout, as reported by the hardware manual of the M20 (see the Manuals section of this site). Imagine standing in front of the backside of the M20 and watching the pins of this male edge connector.

The video edge connector on the M20 side (from the hardware manual)

The cable thus is equipped with a female edge connector, with a metallic key which prevents it to be inserted in the wrong way. I do not understand why in the Olivetti's documentation the key is not represented clearly... However, here is the connector mounted on the cable for a black and white M20, holding the connector towards you. You might notice that only a handful of pins are indeed used in the connector.

The video female connector on the M20 side

You might notice that the numbering and the connections are mirrored, due to the different way to represent the connector. Inside the monitor, the cable is attached to a small power supply board via a 8 pin connector. The female is mounted on the cable and the connections are as follows.

The female connector inside the monitor

Here once again, you image taking the connector in your hand and watching it in the face where the holes are present.


Pin on the M20 side Pin on internal connector
12 8
14 2
15 7
16 5
17 none
18 3 and 4
20 6
22 1


The monitor opened. The monitor internals. The cable is attached to the connector present to the little vertical board with the green soldermask.

A closeup view of the two connectors.A detailed view of the two connectors, the external and internal. The pins present on the M20 side are clearly visible. A careful examination reveals that the video signal is brought by a coaxial cable, presumably separate from all the other signals.

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