M20 Olivetti M20

Taking apart the M20

Taking apart an Olivetti M20 is fairy simple and is described in this page. The drawings shown are taken from the original Olivetti Hardware Manual. If you plan to open the power supply, you should consider to leave the computer disconnected from mains for several hours in order to let the capacitors in the flyback switching power supply discharge. Opening this computer is very easy; the inside is well engineered in order to simplify access and repairing.
To open the M20, you only need a simple plate screwdriver.

Screw position You must disconnect al cables from the M20 main unit and displace the monitor. Disconnect also the M20 from main power.

You can open the main unit by pulling the back of the plastic case. Disk cover You can now take avay the disk cover, which is a separate part.

Keyboard Remove the keyboard. Note that it is not screwed to the base with screws, but it is hold in position by tabs and by the top cover. You should also disconnect the cable which connects the keyboard to the main board (connector J11).

Expansions You can access to the expansion slots and eventually remove the cards which are installed there.

Drive cables Disconnect drive cables between the units and the power supply and the motherboard.

Drive cables Disconnect the power supply and the earth spade. To remove the motherboard, press on the retaining clips and pull it gently from the retaining lugs.

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